This is a discography that I will continue to update as I get more information. It is organized by year, but within each year, it's kind of a free-for-all. I'll reorganize it at some point.

1965 - 1968
Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Radle joined this group at the behest of Leon Russell after Lewis scored a #1 hit with "This 
Diamond Ring."Carl remained in the group for the next several years, but it is unclear what 
recordings, if any, he played on. The group was a typical L.A. pop group of the time, in that 
they likely used the Wrecking Crew (studio musicians) on many, if not all, of their recordings. 
I hope I can find more information about Radle's involvement in the group.

Colours—Colours (1968)
Radle was a member of this psych-pop band. He played bass on their two releases. 

Colours—Atmosphere (1969)
Radle plays on all tracks

Delaney & Bonnie—Home (1969)
Radle plays on 4 tracks. The track numbers below are from the 2006 expanded and
re-sequenced edition. Only 2 of these tracks appear on the original release.
1. A Long Road Ahead (Radle gets co-writing credit)
5. All We Really Want to Do
8. Everybody Loves a Winner
10. Piece of My Heart

Delaney & Bonnie—Accept No Substitute (1969)
Radle plays on all tracks

Leon Russell & Marc Benno—Asylum Choir II (1969)
Not yet sure if Radle was on the record—allmusic.com says he took album photos

Buzz Clifford—See Your Way Clear (1969)
Radle is one of 4 bass players credited.

Denny Brooks—1969
Radle plays on 4 tracks
2. Tremble If You Must
5. Light the Light Within You
10. Home
11. When Will You Be Coming Home

Delaney & Bonnie—On Tour with Eric Clapton (1970)
Radle plays on all tracks.
In 2010, Rhino released a 4-disc deluxe edition featuring additional material from
the 1969 tour.

Eric Clapton—Clapton (1970)
Radle plays on all tracks

Joe Cocker—Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1970)
Radle plays on all tracks

George Harrison—All Things Must Pass (1970)
Radle plays on half the tracks, Klaus Voormann the other half.
5. What Is Life
8. Let It Down
9. Run of the Mill
10. Beware of Darkness
13. Awaiting on You All
16. Art of Dying
17. Isn’t It a Pity (version 2)
18. Hear Me Lord
19. Plug Me In
21. Thanks for the Pepperoni
23. Out of the Blue

Derek & the Dominoes—Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (1970)
Radle plays on all tracks

Dave Mason—Alone Together (1970)
Chris Ethridge also plays bass on this album—unclear who played what at this point.

Bobby Lester—Bobby Lester (1970)
Radle plays on 1 track
5. Freedom

Delaney & Bonnie—Motel Shot (1971) 
Radle’s role unclear 

Leon Russell & the Shelter People (1971)
Radle plays on everything except “She Smiles Like a River” and
“The Ballad of Mad Dogs and Englishmen”

Dr. John—Sun Moon and Herbs (1971) 
Sounds like Radle is only on 1 song
2. Where Ya At Mule

John Simon—John Simon’s Album (1971)
Radle plays on 2 tracks
6. Rain Song
11. Railroad Train Runnin’ Up My Back

John Lee Hooker—Endless Boogie (1971)
It appears Radle is just on 2 tracks
5. Pots on, Gas on High
6. We Might As Well Call It Through

J.J. Cale—Naturally (1971)
Radle plays on 5 tracks
1. Call Me the Breeze
2. Call the Doctor
7. Crazy Mama
10. River Runs Deep
12. Crying Eyes

Marc Benno—Minnows (1971)
Radle is one of 2 bass players on this album. It’s not immediately clear which tracks
he played on.

George Harrison—Concert for Bangladesh (1971)
Radle plays on the Leon Russell medley “Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Youngblood”

Bob Dylan—Greatest Hits Volume II (1971)
Radle plays on 2 tracks
1. Watching the River Flow
18. When I Paint My Masterpiece

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘77—Pais Tropical (1971)
Radle is credited in some versions on discogs

PP Arnold—The Turning Tide (1971)
Radle plays on 3 tracks
1. Medicated Goo
8. Brand New Day
13. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Leon Russell—Carney (1972)
Radle possibly plays on all tracks—allmusic says Leon Russell plays bass, too

Rita Coolidge—The Lady’s Not For Sale (1972) 
Radle plays on 4 tracks
1. My Crew
2. Fever
7. Everybody Loves a Winner
8. Inside of Me

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells play the Blues (1972)
Radle may just be on this 1 song
1. A Man of Many Words

Freddie King—Texas Cannonball (1972)
Radle plays on the first 4 tracks
1. Lowdown in Lodi
2. Reconsider Baby
3. Big Legged Woman
4. Me and My Guitar

Marc Benno—Ambush (1972)
Plays on most tracks, except otherwise listed(?)

Bobby Whitlock—Bobby Whitlock (1972)
Radle plays on 3 tracks
4. Country Life
8. I’d Rather Live the Straight Life
9. The Dreams of a Hobo

Willis Alan Ramsey—Willis Alan Ramsey (1972)
It's a little unclear, but according to various sources, Radle plays on Satin Sheets and
Goodby Old Missoula.

Dan Cassidy—Dan Cassidy (1972)
Radle is not the only bass player on the album

Spider—Labyrinths (1972)
Radle is listed among “additional performers.” Not clear what tracks he plays on. 

Leon Russell—Leon Live (1973)
Radle plays on all tracks

Leon Russell—Hank Wilson’s Back (1973)
Radle plays on all tracks

Dave Mason—It’s Like You Never Left (1973)
Radle plays on 2 tracks
3. If You’ve Got Love
9. The Lonely One

Derek & the Dominoes—In Concert (1973)
Radle plays on all tracks
Recorded in October 1970 at the Fillmore East. Much of this material later appeared
on the 1994 release Live at the Fillmore.

Freddie King—Woman Across the River (1973)
Radle is the only bass player credited. I assume he plays on all tracks.

Donovan—Essence to Essence (1973) 
Radle plays on the first 3 tracks w/ Jim Gordon
1.     Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
2.     Lazy Daze
3.     Life Goes On

Jim Horn—Jim's Horns (1973)
Radle plays on 3 tracks
2. Moody
3. San Camaro
4. In and Out of Sunshine

Art Garfunkel—Angel Claire (1973)
Radle is not the only bass player on this album. Joe Osborn also plays.
At this point it is unclear which tracks Radle played on.

Eric Clapton—461 Ocean Boulevard (1974)
Radle plays on all tracks

Leon Russell—All That Jazz (1974)
Radle plays on 2 tracks
1. Leaving Whipporwhill
5. Streaker’s Ball

Freddie King—Burglar (1974)
Radle plays on 1 track
8. Sugar Sweet

Don Preston—Been Here All the Time (1974)
Radle is not the only bass player on this album. It is unclear which tracks Radle
played on.

Eric Clapton—E.C. Was Here (1975 - live)
Radle plays on all tracks

Eric Clapton—There’s One in Every Crowd (1975)
Radle plays on all tracks

George Harrison—Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)
Radle only plays on 1 track, which I believe was recorded during the
All Things Must Pass sessions
1. You

Leon Russell—Will o’ the Wisp (1975)
Radle plays on 1 track
10.  Laying Right Here in Heaven

Leon Russell—Live in Japan (1975)
Radle plays on all tracks. Live album recorded in 1971 and 1973.

Eric Clapton—No Reason to Cry (1976)
Carl Dean Radle gets co-producer credit.
Radle is not on all tracks—Rick Danko is on some. It is unclear at this time which is which. To my ears, it sounds like Danko is on “Beautiful Thing” and “All Our Past Times.” “Double Trouble” could be either, though the fills sound more like Danko to me. All others are Carl Radle.
2. Carnival
3. Sign Language
4. County Jail Blues 
6. Hello Old Friend 
8. Innocent Times 
9. Hungry
10. Black Summer Rain

The Band—The Last Waltz (1976)
Radle plays on 1 track on the 4-disc box set. This track does not appear on the
original release.
38. Jam #2

Joey Stec—Joey Stec (1976)
Radle plays on all tracks

Eric Clapton—Slowhand (1977)
Radle plays on all tracks

Eric Clapton—Backless (1978)
Radle plays on all tracks

J.J. Cale—5 (1979)
Radle plays on 3 tracks
 6. Sensitive Kind
 7. Friday
12. Mona

Marc Benno—Lost in Austin (1979)
Radle may play on the whole album

Posthumous Releases

Eric Clapton—Timepieces Vol. 2: Live in the Seventies (1983)
Radle plays on 3 tracks. Track 5 previously released on In Concert.
Track 6 previously released on E.C. Was Here.
Track 7 previously only available on a promotional sampler.
5. Presence of the Lord
6. Can’t Find My Way Home
7. Smile

Derek & the Dominoes—Live at the Fillmore (1994)
Radle plays on all tracks
Recorded from two shows in October 1970. This release features material first heard
on 1973's In Concert, the 1988 Crossroads box set, as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks.

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