Below are some links to Carl Radle and Radle-related (Radlated?) sites. I will continue to update this as I find more that are relevant.

Bass Musician Magazine article. An article I wrote analyzing Carl Radle's playing style, for the May 2011 issue of Bass Musician Magazine.

A Carl Radle Facebook page--essentially a Carl Radle fan page. They post great photos, videos, and articles about Radle and some of the projects he was involved with. I believe it is operated by Radle's daughter and another Tulsa musician.

Twitter--Carl Radle on Twitter (same content as Facebook page.)

No Treble--nice profile of Radle, with a short bio and description of his playing style.

Remembering Carl Radle--a recent article, essentially a bio.

A Spotify playlist--a friend/blog-follower/Radle-fan put together this playlist of many of the tracks from Radle's discography. It's not EVERYTHING, but it's a lot. 200+ songs.

Carl's bass--a couple of threads on a bass forum about the basses Radle played. This one also contains the bio from Radle's now defunct website.

Podcast--an episode of the podcast Oklahoma Music Legends is devoted to Carl Radle. It is a quick listen, just about 7 minutes. It provides some interesting information about Radle's life and career.

Youtube Playlist--a friend/blog-follower/Radle-fan put together this Youtube playlist of some of the more interesting videos related to Carl Radle. It's not exhaustive, but it is well-curated.

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