Thursday, December 19, 2019

Home Sweet Oklahoma

Home Sweet Oklahoma
(Leon Russell)
From the album Leon Russell and the Shelter People

There’s not too much to this song from Leon Russell’s 1971 album, Leon Russell and the Shelter People. The verses feature a nice arpeggio pattern, where the lowest note descends chromatically from G down to D. On the choruses, Radle plays bouncy octaves in eighth notes.

It’s a fun song to play. Try playing the verse arpeggios in different positions on the neck. In the full transcription I have the tab starting up near the 10th-12th frets, but the fingering below is another option. We can’t be certain where/how Radle played it, but I like the tone higher up the neck. It is a little warmer, which feels right for the song.

A full transcription is below.

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  1. Thanks for this. I hadn't listened to this record in a long time. Hope you get to more of it.