Sunday, December 1, 2019

Feelin' Alright

Feelin' Alright
(Dave Mason)
From the Joe Cocker album Mad Dogs and Englishmen

This song, written by Dave Mason and originally released on Traffic’s eponymous 1968 album, is constructed of only two chords repeated over and over. The melody and lyrics change as it moves between the verse and chorus, but the chord progression remains constant. On the rendition of the song on Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Radle plays a fairly consistent groove throughout.

The above bass line serves as a sort of starting point from which to improvise. Most often, Radle’s embellishments are rhythmic variations of this line. He does not vary the line to the point of distraction, but as the song itself is extremely repetitive, Radle’s improvisations keep the groove lively and fresh.

A full transcription is below. Because it is easy to get lost, I have included approximate timings for each section that correspond with the recording. 

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